To achieve its vision, Okami V2 has laid out a comprehensive roadmap that encompasses multiple phases:

Initial Launch:

The first phase focuses on the successful launch of the token, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for investors. This will involve finalizing the tokenomics, deploying the smart contract, and executing an extensive marketing campaign to build awareness and generate interest in the project.


Following the successful launch, Okami V2 will concentrate on expanding its ecosystem and increasing adoption. This phase will involve listing the token on reputable exchanges, building partnerships with other DeFi projects.

Community Building:

In this phase, Okami V2 will prioritize fostering a strong community of supporters and investors. This will involve creating a dedicated forum for open discussions, hosting regular AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions, and engaging with the community through social media channels.

Continuous Development: Hungry Wolves Web 3.0 Game:

In addition to the innovative tokenomics and attractive ETH reflections, Okami V2 is also venturing into the world of crypto gaming. The project is currently developing a 2D game called “Hungry Wolves,” scheduled for release in the summer of 2024. This game will not only provide an entertaining experience for Okami V2 token holders but also add value to the ecosystem by creating more use cases for the token and fostering increased engagement with the community.

🛠️ Okami Token Roadmap 🛠️:
🌟 Phase 1 - Foundations 🌟
[✅] Finalize contract & Tokenomics
[✅] Launch Smart Contract
[🚀] Marketing to create awareness
[📄] Whitepaper V2
[🌐] Website v2

🌟 Phase 2 - Market Expansion 🌟
[📈] Apply to exchanges
[📊] CMC & CG listing
[🤝] Establish partnership with other projects and platforms
[🔍] Dextools trending

🌟 Phase 3 - BSC Launch 🌟
[🚀] 1. Fair BSC launch
[✅] 2. Launch BSC Smart Contract
[🚀] 3. Marketing to create awareness
[🔖] 4. Tokenomics for BSC

🌟 Phase 4 - Gaming Development 🌟
🎮 Release a beta of Hungry Wolves.
👾 Continue Development expansion of P2E game.
🤝 Explore partnership with game developers and platforms.
🚀 Market and promote the P2E game.
The roadmap is a screenshot of what we're focusing on accomplishing. Please be aware that this can change as we progress.


Okami Token V2 is poised to make a significant impact on the DeFi and crypto gaming landscapes with its unique tokenomics, dynamic tax system, consistent ETH reflections, and the upcoming release of Hungry Wolves. The project's dedication to forming strategic partnerships with other projects in the DeFi, gaming, and technology sectors will further enhance its ecosystem and propel it towards long-term success. With a well-thought-out roadmap, ambitious goals, and a collaborative approach, Okami V2 is set to become a leading player in the DeFi and crypto gaming industries.