Okami - Hungry Wolves
  • Platform to be release: Android & iPhone iOS
  • 2D Endless platformer
  • Date Release: TBA


Okami "Hungry Wolves" is a 2D endless platformer game set in the mystical Okami universe. Players control a fearless samurai who sprints through various levels, battling evil ninjas and powerful bosses. The game art style is inspired by traditional Japanese paintings and the original Okami game. With a captivating story, challenging gameplay, and beautifully crafted levels, Okami "Hungry Wolves" is an engaging experience for gamers of all ages.
Gameplay: Players control the samurai, who auto-runs through levels, overcoming obstacles, and dispatching enemies. Players can jump, double jump, and slide to avoid obstacles, as well as attack using their trusty katana and a variety of ranged weapons, such as shuriken and bows.
As players progress, they collect power-ups that enhance their abilities or provide temporary invincibility. Players must also face off against challenging bosses that test their skills and strategy.
  1. 1.
    Endless platformer gameplay: The levels are procedurally generated, offering unique challenges every time you play.
  2. 2.
    Beautiful art style: The game adopts a traditional Japanese painting style, capturing the essence of the original Okami game.
  3. 3.
    Challenging enemies and bosses: Encounter diverse enemies with unique abilities and strategies, as well as formidable bosses that require quick reflexes and smart tactics to defeat.
  4. 4.
    Upgrades and power-ups: Collect power-ups to enhance your samurai's abilities and customize your play style.
  5. 5.
    Engaging story: Unravel the mysteries of the Okami universe and learn about the samurai's quest for redemption.
  6. 6.
    Leaderboards and achievements: Compete with friends and other players worldwide for the highest scores and achievements.
Okami "Hungry Wolves" combines the stunning visuals and captivating story of the Okami universe with fast-paced, challenging platformer gameplay. The endless level design ensures that no two playthroughs are alike, providing hours of entertainment and keeping players on their toes.

Design Philosophy

Okami "Hungry Wolves" takes great inspiration from various artistic styles, skillfully blending them to create a unique and visually captivating experience. The game world is brought to life through detailed environments, animated with fluid and intricate brushwork. This delicate balance of diverse aesthetics and contemporary game design brings players into an immersive, beautifully crafted world that transcends cultural boundaries.
The characters and enemies in the game are designed with a blend of realism and stylization, creating a distinctive look that sets them apart from typical game characters. These carefully crafted designs provide depth and personality to each character, making them memorable and engaging. The protagonist samurai, in particular, stands out with their striking armor and fluid animations, emphasizing the power and agility of their movements.

Level Design

Level backgrounds are adorned with breathtaking landscapes, featuring elements such as blossoming trees, misty mountains, and flowing rivers. The atmospheric visuals complement the game's action-packed gameplay and create a sense of tranquility, even in the heat of battle. This juxtaposition between serene beauty and relentless action results in a gaming experience that keeps players captivated and immersed throughout their journey.
Special attention is also given to the animation and visual effects in Okami "Hungry Wolves." The fluidity and grace of the samurai's movements, as well as the visceral impact of combat, are accentuated by dynamic animations and particle effects. The game effectively uses these visual elements to convey the thrill of the action, as well as the raw energy of the ancient martial arts techniques employed by the samurai and their adversaries.
In summary, the art style of Okami "Hungry Wolves" is a stunning fusion of various artistic influences, providing players with a visually enchanting experience. The harmonious blend of serene landscapes, expressive characters, and dynamic combat animations creates an unforgettable gaming experience that not only challenges players but also leaves a lasting impression with its beauty and artistic craftsmanship.